29/01/18 “Crypto-Economics” Seminar

UPDATE AUG 2018. Video is now online and embedded below.


The next Decentralised Society event is upcoming in Glasgow. Pllel’s Wassim Alsindi will be presenting and participating in a Q&A session.

Monday 29th January 6pm, Crypto-Economics Seminar

A seminar on the emerging field of Crypto-Economics. In their short history, it has become evident that the financial dynamics of natively digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are rather different to existing asset classes.

Since crypto-assets exhibit attributes of commodities, protocols, currencies and payment systems, some alternative theories by which these networks can be appraised of value will be discussed. Other novel concepts and key differences between security and token macroeconomics will be examined such as issuance mechanisms, supply schedules, governance, cyclicality and multiple units of account.

Places are limited so please arrive in good time and kindly give your ticket up if unable to attend. Places are allocated on first-come-first-served basis and latecomers may not be admitted.

19/01/18 “Token Economies” Open Day

The next Decentralised Society open day entitled “Token Economies” is upcoming in Glasgow on the 19th of January. Pllel’s Wassim Alsindi is presenting two short talks during the day.


Decentralised Society presents “Token Economies” Open Day
Friday 19th January 12-5pm
Free to attend, all welcome.

An interactive session will take place in the SBS Foyer this Friday 12-5pm introducing the new world of dApps (decentralised Applications) built upon blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. We’ll be showcasing the most exciting developments on the web3.0 frontier from collectible cryptographic assets to humanitarian use cases – everybody is welcome! The event is hosted by the Decentralised Society.