20/12/18 “The Secret Lives of Cryptocurrencies” talk at Genesis Block Hong Kong



Wassim will be delivering a new talk entitled “The Secret Lives of Cryptocurrencies” at Genesis Block Hong Kong on Thursday 20th December. Do register your attendance if you’re coming at the link below.


Project Update: TokenSpace, Classification Approaches for Cryptographic Assets

Literature review and background at http://taxon.pllel.com. TokenSpace full paper coming soon. Q&A now on Hacker Noon & this site.

Project Update: Forkonomy aka Blockchains & Time Travel

Since summer 2018, Wassim has been working on an unusual topic and has produced some talks and papers (manuscript as PDF // read on Medium // read on this site) introducing an analogical method that’s been called “forkonomy”. Just like astronomy takes observations from stellar sources at different phases of their lifecycles, forkonomy is envisioned as a suite of tools employing high-level inference and deductive reasoning to peer beyond the veil and see the range of possible futures for ageing blockchain networks.

January 2019 Update: The Forkonomy follow-up “Where Are They Now?” has just been published on Hacker Noon and on this website (soon).


22/10/18 How To DAO #2 Panel @ Web3 Summit, Berlin

Wassim is joining Horatii Partners‘ “How to DAO #2” event at Web3 Summit in Berlin next week. Talking “DAOs and Dont’s” at Web3Summit in Hackerspace Node 10, Monday 22nd October 4-5pm.

Forkonomy and Reaching Everyone head to the Ethereum Classic Summit in Seoul Sep 2018


Wassim speaks at the Ethereum Classic Summit in Seoul, Korea on September 12-13.

In addition to a presentation on implications of Forkonomy for ETC, Wassim will also participate in a panel discussion on the topic of censorship resistance and immutability as informed by Reaching Everyone.

More information can be found on the ETC Summit website. Though tickets are no longer available, the event will be livestreamed on YouTube.

Slides – http://etcsummit.pllel.com

Talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_7f16_29Mc&t=1s

Censorship-Resistance & Immutability Panel with Anthony Lusardi, Alison Alexis, Kong Gao, Virgil Griffith


Project Update: Reaching Everyone

Next actions: More script & tool PoCs, UX/UI and HW research.

Reaching Everyone Article Series (co-authors Matt B & Wassim Alsindi)

Part 1: The Need for Sound Money Outside the Wealthiest Territories. Read at In The Mesh / Hacker Noon

Part 2: Resilience, Censorship-resistance and the Bitcoin Blockchain. Read at In The Mesh / Hacker Noon

Part 3: soon!

Part 4: soon

Slides from Chainhack, Lisbon:


28/3/18 “Crypto-Asset Portfolios” Seminar

Next event: Wednesday 28th March 6-8pm, Crypto-Asset Portfolios Seminar


Wassim and the D-Soc collective will be hosting a seminar exploring the construction of crypto-asset portfolios. Though the principles of risk and return are consistent with legacy finance, as an immature asset class cryptographic tokens do not yet possess an ecosystem of financial products designed for exposure to a weighted basket of assets for retail and institutional investors. A handful of informal indices exist but without consensus on network valuation metrics the decision on which tokens to include and in what weighting is not straightforward. We apply existing and novel approaches to portfolio construction and discuss the latest results from our intramural virtual portfolio contest.